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Is your office well-stocked with medical grade alcohol wipes for daily sanitising & disinfecting? 

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Highly-Rated Alcohol Wipes, Sold More Than 1 Million Packs in 12 months

More About Alcosm 75% Alcohol Wipes

Why 75% Alcohol?

Formulated according to WHO guidelines, 75% alcohol is the optimal alcohol content to effectively kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs.

Paired with advanced 6-stages purified RO water to avoid cross contamination. 

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Dual Effect Wipes: Sanitise + Oil Removal 

Did you know that alcohol is also a great agent to remove oil & grease? With Alcosm 75% Alcohol Wipes, you can easily remove stubborn coffee mug stains or fingerprints on your laptop with a single wipe.

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Manufactured at the Highest Industrial Standards

✓ Manufactured by Asia’s no.1/World no.3 Wipes Manufacturer
✓ 24-hour circulation by highly skilled production specialist
✓ Stringent quality control end-to-end

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Clean&Care for Business Subscription Bundles



For a team of 2 - 12

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✓ 12x 10's 75% Alcohol Wipes
✓ 3x 50's 75% Alcohol Wipes
✓ 2x 75's 75% Alcohol Wipes
✓ 12x 10's Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Wipes
✓ 3x 50's Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Wipes
✓ 2x 75's Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Wipes



For a team of 12-18

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Comes with

✓ 18x 10's 75% Alcohol Wipes
✓ 6x 50's 75% Alcohol Wipes
✓ 4x 75's 75% Alcohol Wipes
✓ 18x 10's Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Wipes
✓ 6x 50's Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Wipes
✓ 4x 75's Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Wipes


For team size of 20 and above,
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