Kitchen Wipes

Thick & Large

Made to clean large surfaces

Remove Stain & Oil

Breaks down oil, grease & dirt stains

With Plant Extracts

Gentle formulation, no irritation to the skin

Lemon Fragrance

Leave a refreshing jazzy lemon scent

Wipe to Shine

2 in 1: Clean and brighten your kitchen

3X Effective in Removing Oil & Stain

Kitchen cleaning is now made 3X easier! They are also made extra large and thick for wider surface cleaning. Additionally with plant-extracted cleaning ingredient, it can pick up unwanted dirt, oil and stains while being gentle to the hand. No gloves needed for these wipes!

One Wipe for All Kitchen Cleaning

Easily clean and remove oil & stains, even at stubborn corners and edges. Perfect for:

(1) Kitchen Stovetop

(2) Kitchen Hood & Exhaust 

(3) Kitchen Wall Tiles

(4) Microwave & Oven Cleaning

(5) Tableware & Kitchenware Cleaning