Female Hygiene & How do Toilet Wipes Help?

Hygiene Tips | 2 mins read

Similar to menstruation, there is still a lot of stigma around vaginal health and is something that is rarely spoken about till today. Regardless of age, it is extremely important for every woman to be aware of basic vaginal hygiene rules and take important measures to ensure a healthy vagina.

Keeping The Vulva Clean

While the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, the vulva is not and does require our attention in keeping it clean. The vulva is the outside and surrounding area which includes the vaginal lips and the clitoris. Lack of proper hygiene may lead to bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, UTI and other serious conditions.

Womens are advised to clean “down there” with just water or if needed, only use all natural products that are extremely gentle and made specifically for the vulva. That said, when you’re out and about or just needed to hit that refresh button in the middle of the day, toilet tissue wipes would come in handy and make the task easy no matter where you are. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Toilet Tissue Wipes

(1) Supports Your Natural PH-Balance

Vulva and the surrounding region have a distinctive Ph between 3.8 and 4.5. Using bathing soaps or shower gels to clean is a big NO. It will disrupt the Ph balance which causes discomfort and leave you vulnerable to infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other unpleasant vaginal conditions. Formulated to be pH balanced, toilet tissue wipes are the solution to help you keep clean and fresh without disturbing anything “down there”. 

(2) Better For Your Vulva

They deserve a little extra care! The skin of the vulva is extremely sensitive and could easily be irritated. Swap dry, scratchy toilet paper to toilet tissue wipes that are softer and more delicate. Infused with all-natural plant extract ingredients, it gently cleanses the area and soothes skin. 

(3) No More Messy Period Cleaning

Let’s be real, during your period, it feels like you are cleaning up a crime scene each time you go to the bathroom. It can get really messy and the amount of times you need to wipe to feel clean down there is more than just annoying. Over-wiping it may leave our skin feeling dry and irritated. 

Besides, wearing a pad can easily transfer unwanted bacteria to your vulva. Using toilet wipe helps to clean better and maintain a good feminine hygiene which is essential to prevent vaginal infection.

(4) For Pre/Post Intimate Moments

It’s important to keep your down there clean especially if you’re sexually active. Gynaecologists recommend to empty the bladder after intercourse to flush out bacterias that may have entered the urethra during sex. You’ll also want to use wipes to gently clean your vulva to clean off sweat, semen and bacterias to protect you from infections and urinary tracts (UTIs).  [TIP: Make sure to wipe it from front to back so that you don’t spread the bacteria from the rectum to your vagina]

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